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- Board-Certified Speech-Language Pathologist
- Adult Rehabilitative Therapist
- Swallowing Disorders Therapist

Master's, Speech Pathology, Moscow University
Master's, School of Psychology, Moscow University
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A full range of services, focused on your recovery:
- Physical therapy - Orthopaedics - Sports medicine - Occupational therapy - Work conditioning
- Pediatric and geriatric rehabilitation - Manual therapy - Massage therapy - Spinal cord and neurological care
- Speech and language therapy - Facial paralysis - Orthosis fitting and training - Cardiac rehabilitation
- Fluidotherapy - Electrotherapy - Gait training

Convenience when it counts:
- Same-day appointments and flexible hours - Continuing at-home care and transportation
- Functional capacity evaluations - Medicare, Tricare, PPO, Personal Injury Protection, Worker's Comp. and most
major insurance accepted and filed - English and other languages spoken - Handicapped-accessible
with ample free parking - Visa and MasterCard accepted

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